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High Quality Regenerative Medicine

The medicine has properties which make it more effective in the treatment of various conditions that prove too stubborn for normal medicines. A body is able to defend from infections and injury when enhanced with regenerative medicine that contains vital nutrients such as proteins. These drugs usually enhance the body to heal faster after some injury through reversing the damage caused for faster healing. Researchers suggest the ability of these cells to help in the treatment of various chronic and stubborn infections. Mesenchymal stem cells are needed in making this medicine and the umbilical cord has been found to be a source of these cells.

The stem cells can be found in the bone marrow too but the umbilical cord produces many effective cells. Researchers find the umbilical cord to be a better source since the extraction process of such cells us easier compared to the bone marrow. The self renewal properties of the cells got from the umbilical cord are much better and higher than the properties from other sources. Contaminants usually make a cell not as effective as needed which is why the umbilical cord is a great source because the contaminants are not as many. The stemness properties are able to give better results and those from the umbilical cord have more of these properties.

Another reason for being preferred is the ease of isolating the cells and also standardizing them for use. It is possible to extract a lot of these cells from the umbilical cord requiring just simple procedures compared to when got from other sources. The stem cells have high plasticity and low levels of immunogenicity which make it suitable for treating the nervous system. The neurodegenerative disease proves to be hard to treat using normal methods but these cells show signs of treating it. The performance of factors that cause this disease is greatly reduced and inhibited by the stem cells to treat it.

Patients with neuropathic pains suffer a lot but it can be reduced when this drug is prescribed for such pains. The cells usually reduce the neuropathic pain activators while also increasing the neuropathic pain inhibitors to treat this type of pain. The studies indicate the possibility of stem cells to be used in making medicine that can treat some eye problems. Diabetic neuropathy usually leafs to foot ulcers and this condition has been shown to be countered by using the cells. Previously the erectile dysfunction was not fully cured and the drugs were to make the symptoms less severe but the cells can treat it much better. It is possible to treat inflammatory diseases and most of the problems affecting the lungs such as asthma and others through the drugs from stem cells.

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